LEGO: The Batman Movie (Minimum Spoilage)

LEGO: The Batman Movie (Minimum Spoilage)

The best part of the movie was the cute little LEGO Batman keychain they gave me for splurging on 3D.

The movie wasn’t quite that bad. It was funny in parts and had the whole audience breaking out in laughter over mostly clean humor (although, there was the “Buttman” joke). Pop references from the 80’s and 90’s were prevalent and the movie was peppered with references to earlier Batman works going back to 1960’s television.

If I had to label the movie, I would call it clean, adult comedy. That’s really what it was. The humor was clearly written for adults. The pop references were for adults. And it was the adults in the theater who were laughing and enjoying themselves.

I would also call it confused. I think the writers knew parents would see a cartoon and assume it was a kids movie—or at least a family movie—and bring all the kids. In fact, I was one of only three adults in the theater who didn’t have kids with them, so parents clearly received the message that this movie would be fun for the kids.

Based on their reactions, the kids didn’t have much fun. They only laughed when adults were already laughing and not at the pratfalls the writers added especially for them. The kids in front of me were squirming. The kid behind me was kicking my seat. A few even seemed to be sleeping.

The kids were mostly checked out and I don’t blame them. A couple times, the movie seemed to go on pause so the writers could explain references to the kids…using adult language. All it did was kick the adults out of the flow, too.

Parts of the movie were great and I laughed throughout, but I wouldn’t recommend the movie to anyone. In failing to define its audience, it lost all of us. As a whole, it just wasn’t that much fun. I wouldn’t even bother watching it on Netflix.

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