Hi! My name is Caedmon. I’m a little bit chubby (I hope that’s self explanatory) and a little bit unicorn (keep reading and maybe that will explain itself, too). Chubby Unicorn is my personal website, a place for me to share my creative side.

As I wrestle with the memory loss that comes with traumatic brain injury (I’ve had over twenty concussions as an adult, including nine during my five years of service in the U.S. Navy), much of that creativity will come in the form of stories. Writing down the stories of my past.

I own a fancy camera that’s currently upset with me for not giving it enough use. The truth is, I forget it’s there. Not much of an excuse. As I remember (and as the weather gets better), I’ll be using it more and sharing more photographs.

I also like to roast my own coffee. And if you’d like to know more about me¬†before you jump in to the stories, I’ve written about that, too.